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For one-time basic building use.
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Requesting Facility Use
• A Facility Request Form should be submitted 24 hours prior to the activity date to the Office Assistant for approval.
• Approval is subject to date, room, and leader availability (to open the building).
• Facility Requests will not receive any advertisement regardless of how early a form was submitted.

Set Up and Tear Down
• Our custodian does not set up for activities. Each coordinator will be responsible for acquiring a team to set-up and tear-down before and after the activity.
• The event coordinator is responsible for making sure the building/room is left cleaner than they found it and ensure all lights and utilities are turned off. Restroom areas should be checked as well.
• In general, no activities should be held past 4 PM on Saturdays to ensure the facility is prepped and cleaned for Sunday services.

Unusable Dates
• Facility requests are not permitted on holidays including but not limited to Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.
• Buildings/rooms associated with church services/church wide events (Worship Center, Youth Group, etc.) preempt other uses.

Special Permissions
• All audio/visual equipment is to be used solely by trained persons only and is not to be relocated.
• Childcare may be requested but is not guaranteed for events and is subject to the approval of CPC leadership and the Kids Director in accordance with all safety protocols.
• Special permissions are required to use kitchen facilities and should be indicated in the request.

Common One-Time Facility Uses
• Connection Groups
• Meetings
• Last minute music rehearsals
• Decorating
Please select all that apply.


For one-time basic building use.