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Event Request Form
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Announcements are made three times: 4 Sundays before the event, 2 Sundays before, and 1 Sunday before. They are given with a background slide. You may also request a Facebook post and a church e-mail. If you feel your event requires more, explain your desires and your reasoning in the notes section at the bottom and your request will be considered.
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Event Vision Form
Connection Point's Mission
Connecting people to Jesus through truth, community, service, and spiritual practices

Motivated by the Gospel    Grounded in the Word    Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Requesting an Event
• An Event Request Form and Vision Form must be completed 3 months prior to the event.
• CPC leadership will review your application at the next weekly staff meeting and respond in the days following. Approval must be received before any public announcements are made.
• Event Request Forms should be completed fully and accurately to avoid delays and should avoid changes after approval. If changes are necessary, contact the Office Assistant.
• Using the Event Form information, the Creative Team will contact you six weeks before your event to discuss announcement efforts the event will receive. Announcements are subject to the nature of the event and are not guaranteed. (See Promotional Communications Policy for more details.)

Set Up and Tear Down
• Our custodian does not set up for events. Each coordinator will be responsible for acquiring a team to set-up and tear-down before and after the activity.
• The event coordinator is responsible for making sure the building/room is left cleaner than they found it and ensure all lights and utilities are turned off. Restroom areas should be checked as well.
• In general, no events should be held past 4 PM on Saturdays to ensure the facility is prepped and cleaned for Sunday services.

Unusable Dates
• Event requests are not permitted on holidays including but not limited to Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.
• Buildings/rooms associated with church services/church wide events (Worship Center, Youth Group, etc.) preempt other uses.

Special Permissions
• All audio/visual equipment is to be used solely by trained persons only and is not to be relocated.
• Childcare may be requested but is not guaranteed for events and is subject to the approval of CPC leadership and the Kids Director in accordance with all safety protocols.
• Special permissions are required to use kitchen facilities and should be indicated in the request.
• Outside speakers/organizations should be indicated on the Event Form and must receive approval from CPC leadership.

Exceptions to 3-Month Rule
• Memorial Services do not require 3 months' advanced notice.
• One-time access to the facility only can be requested by filling out a Facility Request Form.
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For events in need of advertising.